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Regardless if its bananas, mangoes, avocados or any other variety of fruit, the Mobile Ripening Unit provides a cost effective ripening solution.

Our units are industry leading, transportable ripening environments delivered to your global location(s) of choice. The units can be rented individually or in bulk, either as a standalone ripening solution or integrated to existing fixed facilities. The units provide a more efficient and controllable solution than traditional climate controlled storage.

The Mobile Ripening Units come fully equipped with our proprietary Ripening Control System which allows management and control of the ripening process remotely. LED lighting, ethylene & CO2 sensors and integrated fans for uniform air distribution comes as standard. A chilled water system with environmentally friendly natural refrigerant and individual or networked remote management software is also pre-configured into each unit.

Each unit can comfortably ripen 20 pallets of produce, with each pallets containing 54 banana boxes (or equivalent).

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    Rent, Lease or Build? Which ripening solution is disrupting the market?

    Find out how traditional storage and ripening solution stack up against the SmartHarvest Mobile Ripening Unit.

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    “Their Mobile Ripening Unit provided a cost-effective alternative to fixed ripening facilities with flexible capacity that can be added when demand increases.”

    Robert Wells, CEO, SH Pratt Group

    Some of our customers

    35% cheaper than third party ripening with no additional transportation costs.

    Delivered a 25% reduction in energy consumption compared to running costs of traditional fixed ripening rooms.

    The results of each batch were repeatedly consistent – from even temperatures to even colour. The capabilities of the container helped to minimise produce wastage.

    The total labour saving on average was 8 hours per ripening cycle.

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