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About us

Since the ancient Egyptians, fruit suppliers have been trying to cheat mother nature and influence the ripening process through use of ethylene. Today is no different. There are currently a multitude of ripening technologies in the market, but here at SmartHarvest we refuse to accept the limitations of the systems and climate controlled environments available.   

We have combined uniquely intelligent management software with purpose-designed hardware components and IP networking to transform the precision, efficiency and scalability of industrial fruit ripening.

Ripening. Reinvented.

With long-term experience in the industry, the founders and management team of SmartHarvest are fully conversant with the dynamics, economics and technology of the whole supply chain – from grower to consumer.

Based in the UK, the SmartHarvest design, planning and management team advises and supports global brands to rethink their businesses. With an innovative and disruptive portfolio of ripening technologies, SmartHarvest has a proven track record within the supply chain. Whether it’s increasing on-site capacity, retro fitting legacy ripening facilities or delivering bespoke, new build capabilities. 

Proven track

Committed to
ripening innovation

Design, planning and
installation services

Fixed and mobile
ripening solutions

“We’ve used our insight and technology expertise to reinvent ripening. By designing and manufacturing next-generation solutions we are delivering significant advantages today to customers who require robust, yet flexible ripening solutions.”

Neil Turbitt, Founder & CEO