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Ripening Control System Benefits

Ensuring your ripening facilities are performing at their optimum can have a significant impact on your bottom line.   

Whether that’s reducing the amount of spoilage, streamlining operating costs or accelerating speed to market, all will have a financial impact on your business. 

The SmartHarvest Ripening Control System is a turnkey solution that is supplied pre-wired and network-ready to integrate into any pre-existing ripening room or new build environment. Unlike conventional solutions, the SmartHarvest RCS has greater capability to micro-manage atmospheric conditions in static ripening rooms. The Ripening Control System can be networked to manage energy consumption throughout an entire facility, reducing the need to manually configure each room whilst lowering utility costs. 

network ready

Integrates with
existing systems

Equipped with remote
management control

Provides full reporting
and alert notifications

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“We reduced operating costs by 35% in the first 6 months by replacing our old system with the SmartHarvest Ripening Control System.”

Alan Garrett, CEO, Tropifruit UK