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Ripening Control System Technical Features

Unlike many ripening systems, the SmartHarvest RCS comes pre-configured with industry-leading technology meaning integration to new-build or legacy environment is seamless.

Below are some of the features that the SmartHarvest Ripening Control System can boast.

SmartHarvest Control
Supervisor System

  • Provides remote analysis of networked and individual ripening room via a single dashboard.
  • Allows scheduled ventilation, ethylene and temperature control regulation.
  • Enables control and configuration of all adjustable parameters of the ripening process.
  • Signals high temperature and out-of-range ethylene alerts.
  • Provides full reporting functionality.

Main Control Panel

  • Contains the SmartHarvest Controller which is pre-wired to all necessary components for a turnkey solution. 
  • The frequency inverter for fan control is configured to the controller for optimum performance


  • Allows full integration of existing plant controllers and energy meters for complete overview of the ripening facility.

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