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A proven innovation

SmartHarvest has invested considerable time and budget in research and development to create a technologically innovative approach to ripening that’s positively disrupting the market.

Theory is one thing though and proof of concept is another. In order to provide our customers with assurance that high-value perishable produce isn’t at risk of becoming wastage, we have undertaken a two-year testing programme with importer SH Pratts. They put the facility through its paces to ensure the Mobile Ripening Unit could stand up to high-volume and short lead-time market conditions. The results speak for themselves.

35% cheaper than third party ripening with no additional transportation costs.

Delivered a 25% reduction in energy consumption compared to running costs of traditional fixed ripening rooms.

The results of each batch were repeatedly consistent – from even temperatures to even colour. The capabilities of the container helped to minimise produce wastage.


The total labour saving on average was 8 hours per ripening cycle.

To take advantage of this game-changing facility and to transform how your organisation does business, contact our team about Mobile Ripening Unit rentals.

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Case study: SH Pratt Group

Increased productivity, capacity and efficiency through mobile ripening

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“We needed a solution that not only provided flexible capacity and consistent ripening results, but integrated with our existing facility.”

Robert Wells, CEO, SH Pratt Group