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Ripening Control System
Case Studies

The SmartHarvest Ripening Control System can be deployed to provide a solution for a number of challenges your business may face. This can be a reduction in overall operating cost, improved consistency and control of your final product, a reduction in the amount of spoilage or improved productivity of your staff.       

With multiple global deployments across a range of environments, our technology has delivered exponential benefits to businesses that depend on the quality of their product and the efficiency at which is it produced.

Below is a snapshot of some of the tangible improvements the SmartHarvest Ripening Control System has delivered.

Reduced operating costs by 35% in the first 6 months

Achieves a 96%
reduction in wastage

Delivers consistent
ripening results

Estimated return on
investment after 2 years

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Case study: Tropifruit

Transforming performance with precision ripening control

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Case study: Tian Sheng Logistics (Singapore)

Optimising individual batch ripening with flexibility and precision

View case study