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Mobile Ripening Rentals

Flexible ripening capacity you control

Whether its bananas, mangoes, avocados or any other perishable fruit, producers face a dilemma when deciding how to store and ripen their produce. Third party ripening facilities offer capacity, but require an ongoing financial commitment as well as the associated logistics and transportation costs.       

Building your own ripening facility provides greater control but also requires a significant CapEx investment and introduces latency during development. Additional options include refrigeration units, cold storage and traditional warehousing.

SmartHarvest’s Mobile Ripening Units are industry leading, transportable ripening environments delivered to your global location(s) of choice. The units are a cost-effective alternative to fixed premise facilities whilst providing a flexible storage and ripening solution that mitigates demand and capacity fluctuations.

The Mobile Ripening Units come fully equipped with our proprietary Ripening Control System, LED lighting, ethylene & CO2 sensors as standard. A chilled water system with environmentally friendly natural refrigerant and individual or networked remote management software is also pre-configured into each unit.

Units can be rented individually or in bulk for a time period that suits your businesses specific requirements. 

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Discover the features and benefits of a SmartHarvest Mobile Ripening Unit

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