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If you have questions about our Mobile Ripening Unit then you’ll probably find the answers here. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from customers ranging for delivery, rental periods and lead times through to technical and service-related questions. If you have a specific question that you can’t find the answer to, then contact one of our team here.

Capacity and usage

How many pallets can the Mobile Ripening Unit facilitate?

Our standard units can hold a total of twenty pallets, however the unit can be part loaded and can ripen any quantity from as low as one pallet.

Can the Mobile Ripening Unit be used as a rapid cooler?

Yes, as well as ripening functionality our units can be used as a rapid cooler and also for standard holding purposes.

Can the units ripen avocados?

Yes, the units can ripen all types of climacteric produce for example Avocado / Mango / Banana / Plantain / Kiwi / Pear / Stone fruits etc…

Can the units ripen different commodity at one time?

Our standard units can be split into three independent zones / compartments in order to ripen the load at separate stages. This can be the same fruit or different types if required.

Delivery, hire periods and lead times

Do you supply the Mobile Ripening Units to North America?

Yes we supply globally. All of our units are manufactured to UL standards

What is the minimum hire term?

Generally 12 months.

How soon can you deliver?

This all depends on how many units we have available at the time. If we don’t have any stock for immediate delivery, lead time is generally 8 weeks from order.

SLAs, support and installation

Do you provide service cover globally?

Yes, we have a network of global partners who are qualified to service the units. This is managed through our central service centre in the UK.

What is required for operation?

The units are plug and play. Each unit is supplied with a 60ft power cord. Once plugged in the units are ready to run. They require a standard three phase 400-480V 32Amp power supply.

Do you manage installation?

We manage the delivery and drop off. As the units are plug and play installation is very straight forward.

What happens if the unit breaks down?

As part of our hire agreement, in the event of a malfunction we will automatically send an engineer to repair the fault.

Can the units be installed inside a building?

Our units can be installed outside or inside. If they are installed inside you would have to take into consideration the heat extraction from the cooling machinery. This could be ducted to an external louvre.

Can the units be installed on a loading bay?

We can supply platform legs in order to install the unit on a loading bay. Alternatively, the unit can be installed on a standard chassis trailer as they have ISO twist locks.

Training and monitoring

Can the units be controlled remotely?

All of our units have built in 4G connectivity for operation via our mobile App. This allows full control and will also notify you if there are any alarms from the unit.

Do you offer training?

We offer remote training for the operation of the units and also training on the ripening process. Onsite training can also be arranged.

The SmartHarvest Mobile Ripening Unit provided us with a multi-purpose facility that delivered exception results at an affordable price.

Banana grower, India

The Mobile Ripening Unit is an exceptional piece of technology that delivers ripening, rapid cooling and storage capabilities all in the same facility.

Fruit Importer, France

The flexibility this unit offers is unbelievable.

Avocado producer, North America