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Providing innovative ripening solutions for customers, worldwide

Addressing local supply chain challenges with global solutions.

Providing the tools for global success

Agility and flexibility are two business characteristics that fruit producers strive to achieve. Being able to boast an operational model that’s responsive enough to react quickly to opportunities, whilst having the flexibility to scale during peaks and troughs could be seen as a pipe dream. However, SmartHarvest has a portfolio of globally available solutions that can transform your operations in the short and long term.

With a client base that spans 5 continents and ranges from farmers through to retailers, we provide reliable, scalable ripening solutions that can be deploying in weeks not months.

Industry leading ripening solutions for today’s global economy

Whether your existing ripening facility requires a technology refresh, or you need temporary ripening capacity quickly, SmartHarvest has a solution that meets your requirements.

Our team of experts will assess your needs and then plan an actionable solution that meets your budget and timelines.

Trusted by world-wide producers

Both our Mobile and Fixed room solutions are available globally with end-to-end planning, installation, and support.

The plug and play Mobile Ripening Unit arrives pre-configured and ready to use at the location of your choice.  With telephone support and remote monitoring the unit delivers guaranteed, consistent, and repeatable results.

For bricks and mortar installations our Ripening Control System is tailored to your exacting requirements. SmartHarvest manages the entire process from scope, planning, installation, and servicing.

Mobile Ripening Unit

Our innovative Mobile Ripening Unit is specifically designed to be deployed, at speed, to any global location. The unit can be used as a stand-alone ripening facility or networked to multiple units for larger requirements.

Our fleet of units has already been deployed to producers in the US, Europe, and Asia to help relieve bottlenecks and improve capacity.

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Ripening Control System

For fixed ripening rooms the SmartHarvest Ripening Control System provides consistent, controllable results at scale. With remote management capabilities and real time alerts, the RCS is designed to keep pace with the demands of commercial ripening…regardless of location.

The SmartHarvest Remote Control System has been deployed in ripening facilities across the world and is the nerve centre for the Mobile Ripening Units.

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“We needed a solution that not only provided flexible capacity and consistent ripening results, but integrated with our existing facility.”

Robert Wells, CEO, SH Pratt Group